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3 Steps to choose the right web Development Company in New Zealand

So, your small business has been doing pretty well and now you want to expand it further. Wait, how do you intend to expand it?

Are you going to expand your services in other cities, new countries or are you going to add new services and products to your portfolio? Well, whichever expansion model you are going to adapt, one thing that you’ll definitely need is a website redo.

Oh, I know you might not be satisfied with your previous development company, and let me tell you an interesting fact, nearly half of the first time website owners do have one or the other grudge for their previous web development company. So, relax, you aren’t alone in the league of dissatisfied website


Ok, now let’s be serious. Web development is certainly ain’t an easy task. With so many aspects to look out for and with the overwhelming number of businesses competing for each other to the throat, it’s easy to lose track. Without the due diligence for the selection of web Development Company, you are always vulnerable to fall victim to a painful process.

Back in the early late 2000s when I was looking for reliable web development services in Auckland and Wellington, I was confused as hell in choosing the right company and if it wasn’t for a friend’s recommendation I would have definitely fallen for the choice as well.

Nonetheless, the time has changed, nowadays there is much material available to help business owners choose the right company. And below I have come up with my personal approach of choosing the right web development company. So, continue to read on:

- Understand your Need

Well, before you even start looking for a development agency, wait and think for a while about what you exactly want to achieve from the website.

You see, Google is a website and so are Amazon and Apple, but these websites have the billion-dollar revenue and infrastructure to support its functioning. You certainly don’t require anything at this massive magnitude, right?

Ok, these might be too extreme examples to compare with a general online business, but the point is you got to be sure of your needs and requirements from the website. You can’t just start searching for a company without any background work and rely on their expertise. Think about the functionalities, widgets, and features you will need for your business. Think about the market you are going to serve, for the firm offering the right web design services in Auckland and Wellington might not be suited for the development of a business website in Nevada.

- Lookout for a Compatible Partner

Each company has its own unique business culture and work ethics, which might not be compatible with your working principals. When you are hiring the services of a company, you are actually getting into a partnership which needs to last long. Make sure the work ethics in the company are compatible with your principals.

- Expertise

Lastly, check out their expertise. Remember, not all companies are efficient in catering needs of all business models. In the best case scenario, the web development company of your choice would have past experience of working in your field. Even if that’s not the case, look out for their core expertise and how they cope with different technical challenges. Ask them about their previous projects and how they support new business models.

About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is Marketing Head at Starlinks – A leading e-commerce business offering custom web design services in Auckland and Hamilton, NZ. He has an accumulated experience of 10+ years in digital marketing with a focus on SEO and Content marketing strategy.